Who are we

Humanitarian Aid by Scouts around the World

SCOUTS SANS FRONTIÈRES™ was established to strengthen the existing humanitarian coordination efforts of the World Organization of Independent Scouts (WOIS). Its primary objective is to facilitate the creation and coordination of international search and rescue teams among scout leaders who volunteer for deployment to countries experiencing devastating events such as structural collapse due primarily to earthquakes. The organization’s main focus is to provide timely and effective support to affected communities through the deployment of skilled and dedicated scouts.

Preparedness and Response

Preparedness and response are two key components of emergency management. Preparedness involves taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of an emergency or disaster by planning, training, and equipping individuals and organizations to respond effectively. Response, on the other hand, refers to the immediate actions taken to address the consequences of an emergency or disaster.

Preparedness includes activities such as risk assessments, emergency planning, training and exercises, and the development of emergency supply kits. By engaging in these activities, individuals and organizations can identify potential risks and hazards, develop plans and procedures to mitigate these risks, and ensure that they are equipped and prepared to respond effectively to emergencies.

Response involves the immediate actions taken to address the consequences of an emergency or disaster. This may include search and rescue operations, medical care, sheltering and feeding affected individuals, and restoring critical infrastructure such as power, water, and transportation systems. Effective response requires coordinated efforts among multiple organizations and individuals, including emergency responders, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and community members.

Both preparedness and response are critical components of emergency management, and they are interconnected. Effective preparedness can help to minimize the impact of an emergency or disaster, while effective response relies on prior planning and preparedness efforts. By investing in preparedness and response, communities can increase their resilience and ability to withstand and recover from emergencies and disasters.


  • Enhance the effectiveness of emergency preparedness and response activities;
  • Facilitate and promote activities aimed at enhancing search and rescue preparedness in countries susceptible to disasters.
  • Establish and implement internationally recognised procedures and systems to facilitate sustained cooperation among national Search and Rescue teams operating in the international arena.
  • Enhance the efficiency of cooperation among international Search and Rescue teams operating in collapsed structures at disaster sites.