Scouts Sans Frontières™ have three (3) levels of government, the first is the World Assembly, the second is the monthly meetings of the world council and the third is the monthly meetings of the operational scout regions, this on purpose To keep decisions and communication always fluid and in tune with our principles of inclusion

The World Assembly

The World Assembly is the highest deliberative body of the Scouts Sans Frontières™, in which all the global expectations and guidelines are combined for the next six (6) years of work, it is made up of the World Council, the various regional councils and national associations, both full members As prospective members, takes place at the end of the period of the world council and within its main functions has to elect the new World Council for the following period.

World Council

The purpose of the World Council is to enforce the decisions of the World Assembly in all world affairs, to meet once a month and to analyze the work of both the World Team and the operational Regions of Scouts Sans Frontières™, associations and regions can raise issues And opinions to the world council through the secretariat of Scouts Sans Frontières™.

Regional Council

The Regional Council is the operative arm of Scouts Sans Frontières™, in which at least one full member of each national organization per continent or geographic area, its main objective is to enforce the resolutions emanating from both the World Assembly and the World Council, its meetings are periodic and have a Regional Team to achieve the goals of the organization.